TP Holder & Other Thing Sling


finalI haven’t much storage space in my small bathroom so I keep my extra toilet paper rolls in the hall linen closet, which is not the most convenient, especially for visitors when the roll runs out.  Keeping an extra roll of TP on the vanity or on the back of the throne presents a situation of possible splash accidents, like when my cats get in a mischievous mood.  This quick project is the perfect storage solution, and it will be most appreciated by guests who won’t experience an awkward moment if the roll runs out.

I used two different remnants of 42” wide, 100% cotton Timeless Treasures prints.  You can use a heavier fabric, such as for upholstery that will hold up well for daily use, but considering the holder will likely be laundered routinely, I would avoid any fabric that you must dry clean.  To reinforce a lighter fabric, I used a no-show poly-mesh cut-away, but you can use any flexible stabilizer between the panels as long as it also supports the embroidery, like an iron-on stabilizer or a 1.5 OZ tear-away.

All it takes is less than a half-yard total for the two panels and ties necessary for each holder. The length of the toilet paper core, determines the yardage, and the amount of slings that you want to make determines the necessary fabric width.  The circumference of the toilet paper roll that you generally use determines the length of each holder. If you create only one sling using the same print inside and outside, you would likely get by with about 8” of fabric that is 42” wide.  A 3-sling holder requires a 64” fabric width. (If you plan to make more than one 2-sling holder, you can reverse the measurements, using the yardage for the length of the holder and cut about six panels 6.5” wide and six strips 1” wide for ties from 1 yard that is at least 42” wide to create three 2-sling holders.)  This pattern is for creating one 2-sling holder.



  • 2 panels of fabric, 6.5 x 36” each
  • 2 strips of fabric, 1 x 30” each for ties
  • 1 sheet 6.5 x 36” stabilizer: iron-on, tear-away or poly-mesh
  • 40 WT thread
  • 12 beads (optional)
  • Gems to embellish (optional)

Embroidery Designs:

Rippled Butterfly Heart by Ace Points  SKU: AP01-APE1637_001

Rippled Butterfly & Flowers by Ace Points  SKU: AP01-APE1662_004


Step 1


Test sew your designs and create a template by marking the inside edge of the hoop, then cut along your mark line.  This is a good time to make note of possible problems.  My sample shows how a tail of green was tacked down by the yellow in the left flower. Be sure trimmers are turned on or if you are stitching with a machine without trimmers, you should stop the machine after the jump to trim away the excess tail.


Step 2


Gather your materials, determine the measurements and cut. This pattern calls for the sling to hold the standard size roll that measures about 4” from the top of the core to the bottom of its core.  To be sure that the sling will hold your favorite brand of TP, measure the length of its core and add 2.5” and the sum will determine the width of the panel.  Determine the length of the panels for a 2-sling holder by measuring the circumference of the TP roll, double that number and add 6”.  Cut two panels of fabric accordingly; my two cut panels measured 6.5 x 36”.  Cut two 1” x 30” strips for ties.  Alternately, you might also use ¼” wide ribbon for the ties.


Step 3


Pre-assemble and mark.  With a roll of TP inserted in each sling, assemble top panel to the inside with stabilizer on the outside. You can also accomplish this with the fabric right side out, but I prefer to hide marks whenever possible.  Pin and mark between the two rolls where your final center seams will stitch (approximately 8 ¼” up from the fold); this will not be at exact center because you need an allowance at the top of the holder for top seams. Determine and mark an X at where you believe the center point of the embroidery design should be.  Un-assemble and use two pins crossed on the right side to mark each design center, matching up the pins to your marks on the stabilizer.


Step 4


Pin the templates to the right side to help placement when hooping, matching up the center of the design to the crossed pins; a roll of TP will help judge whether designs will be centered.  Hoop around where the template is pinned and then remove the template, line up center on the machine, and then remove the pins and stitch. Note: I included a margin of stabilizer on each side to accommodate the size of the hoop I used and it’s cut away after the embroidery. If you use a smaller size that allows hooping all fabric securely, this excess margin of stabilizer is not necessary.


Step 5


With right sides together, pin the inside and outside panels together and sew a 5/8” seam around each side, leaving an opening at one end.


Step 6


Trim corners and turn.  Use the blunt end of a knitting needle to help push out corners.  Press.


Step 7


Create ties.  Fold and press each long edge to meet at the center, and then fold and press in half along the length.  Pin and sew a narrow seam, stitching close to the edge.


Step 8


Fold the stitched panel in half, right sides out, and pin at top. Fold the ties in half and place the folded ends between the two sides of the panel, in about 1” from the top of the holder. Pin and stitch a narrow seam at the top edge. Stitch another seam about 3/8” down from the top seam.


Step 9



Tie to a door knob or clothes hanger with rolls of TP inserted to double check where the center seams should be. Pin and stitch two seams across the center about 3/8” apart.



Step 10


Optional: Add gems where preferred, fastening with Gem-Tack or other fabric glue.  Thread the ends of the ties through beads and knot the ends.



The finished “thing sling” is pretty enough for Aunt Sallie’s visit and handy enough for everyday use.  A great storage solution and organizer, it can also be used in the kitchen for tucking away towels and gadgets, tied on a bed post to hold a book, hang from a door knob to organize toys, or use in any room to hold just about anything that fits in the sling. ~ Till next time, keep on stitchin’!

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